Gameday Timings

The Site opens at around 07:30 hours.

All players should be on site and booked in by 09:15 hours, ready for the initial briefing.
If you haven’t booked in by this time, you will miss the first game and have to wait until the next one. We aim to start the first games at around 10:00 hours.
Games finish at around 17:00 hours or dusk, whichever is soonest.

The main gates will be locked at 18:00 in the Summer Months and 17:00 in the Winter Months.

Age Limits

Finmere has a minimum age limit.

You must be 12 or over to play.
All players must complete a waiver/disclaimer form on every visit to Finmere, before playing regardless of age.
Players under the age of 18 must have a Parent, Guardian or Responsible adult to sign them in. Parents/Guardians are most welcome to stay in the safezone or spectate (see Spectators and Photographers Rule) or leave the young player on site to be collected at the end of the day.

There is no upper age limit……if you can walk and move your trigger finger then come and play!

Chrono Checks

All players can expect to have their guns chrono’d on a random, spot check basis at least once throughout the day. Any gun found to be over the Site limits (see the FPS rules) will not be allowed to be used. All checks on weapons will be made using a 0.2 bb.

FPS Limits and MED's (minimum engagement distances)

Finmere’s FPS (power) limits and Minimum Engagement Distances (MED) are as follows:

350 fps (not one fps over).
No MED – please use common sense!

350 fps (not one fps over).
No MED – please use common sense!

Electric Sniper Rifles:
350 fps (not one fps over).
30 metre MED – if you are closer than this, you cannot fire. Either withdraw or switch to a back-up weapon if you are carrying one.

Gas Blowback Pistols and Non-blowback Pistols:
350 fps (not one fps over).
No MED – please use common sense!

Shot Guns:
350 fps (not one fps over)

Spring (bolt or pump action) Sniper Rifles:
500 fps (not one fps over)
30 metre MED – if you are closer than this, you cannot fire. Either withdraw or switch to a back-up weapon if you are carrying one.
Sniper rifles can only be used if the player is carrying a backup weapon

Guns must be firing at the above site limits using a 0.2bb and will be chrono’d with such

Gas Powered Rifles

Gas powered rifles are allowed at Finmere Airsoft but you must contact us before attending site.

We will discuss what gun you have and how it can be used.

There may be a restriction of gas powered rifles during our night events.

Hit taking and cheating . . .

Airsoft is a game based on honesty and integrity.
Finmere has a reputation as being a friendly site with minimum cheating. We will do everything possible to maintain and enhance this reputation.

Hit Taking:
The general rule with regards to hit taking is – If in doubt, call yourself out!
Basically, if you think you’ve been hit (even if you’re not quite sure) then do the honourable thing and call it. At Finmere, we don’t have long periods of time for dead players to wait before re-joining the action, so you won’t miss much!
If you see someone else (team mate etc.) get hit without realising it, politely point it out to them.

Gun Hits and Ricochets:
Gun hits do count.
Severe ricochets do not count. However, firing through bushes and mild deflections DO count. If in doubt, call yourself out!

Cheating has no place in Airsoft and is not tolerated at Finmere. We operate a 2 strike rule and any marshalls word is final.
Strike 1 – If you are caught cheating you will be removed from the game.
Strike 2 – If you are caught cheating for a second time, you will be asked to leave the site and not return. No refund will be given.

Cheat Calling:
This the practice of shouting at an opposing player during a game and basically accusing them of cheating. It has no place at a site as friendly as Finmere. If you suspect another player is cheating, you must report it immediately to a member of Site Staff.

Dead Men:
Dead men don’t talk. If you are hit and therefore out of the game, you cannot pass any information to your team mates. This includes talking, nodding, pointing, gestures, eye movements or radio messages etc. It is cheating and will be dealt with as such.

Weapons Firing in the Safezone

Firing of any weapons within the Safezone is Prohibited. This includes dry firing. If anyone is seen behaving irresponsibly and endangering other players, please inform a member of staff.


Face Protection Rules

Players under the age of 16 must wear full face protection. Full face protection is available at site for no extra charge although a re-fundable £5.00 deposit is required.

Shooting glasses are also available from site for no extra charge although a re-fundale £5.00 deposit is required.

Full face protection is either:
1) A full mesh mask
2) A full paintball goggle

Players 16 and over must wear eye protection as a minimum but full face protection is strongly advised.

Sniper Rifles

You may only use a sniper rifle at Finmere if you carry a backup weapon. A backup can be a pistol, shotgun or AEG.

Spring powered sniper rifles are limited to 500fps.

Battery powered sniper rifles are limited to 350fps.

Gas sniper rifles are not allowed to be used on site.

All sniper rifles regardless of FPS must obey the 30m minimum engagement distance rule.

Spectators and Photographers

Spectators and photographers are very welcome at Finmere.
They are subject to the same safety rules (eye protection etc.) as everyone else and should try to observe from a place that does not interfere with the gameplay. They are required to wear High Visibility vests at all times when in the game area.
Damage that may occur to any equipment is solely the responsibility of the owner. The Site cannot be held responsible for such occurences.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol is not allowed on site.
Illicit Drugs are not allowed on site.

Legal Medications:
If players require medication such as Asthma Inhalers, Blood Pressure medication, Allergy Pens etc. etc., you should notify the Site Staff when booking in and carry your medication in your top, left-hand pocket during games.
That way, if anything goes wrong and you need your medication in a hurry, everyone will know where it is.
If you need medication, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you bring it and carry it as required.


Pyrotechnics (Pyros) are allowed at Finmere with some restrictions. Please use any Pyros with discretion and player safety in mind:

To buy pyros on Site – you must be over 18.

Pyros that are allowed:
Smoke grenades (see ‘not allowed’ section below).
BB Grenades
Pea Grenades
Flashbangs / Thunder Flashes (nothing greater than a Mk5 Thunder Flash)

Pyros that are NOT allowed:
Lifeboat grade smoke grenades
Blank Firing Grenades (BFG’s)
Sonic Grenades
Crow Scarers

Safezone Table Etiquette

For those who know (and those who dont) Finmere’s safezone does suffer from a lack of tables. The people who are early normaly do get a choice of table but the as the safezone starts to fill space does become a minimum.

Please see this as a plea and a guide to table etiquette.

If you do find yourself lucky to have a table please try to be nice with regards to how much space you hog. You really dont need your rifle bag, goody bag, kit bag, bb bag, multicam chest rig, DPM hat, AI mag, bb’s, gas, pistol, pistol mag, pistol pouch, back up pistol, back up pistol mag and car keys all on the table at the same time One person to one table really isnt the best way to go.

We are looking at arranging the safezone tables to maximise usage and will also be placing Pallets around the perimeter of the safezone for your kit bags to go on and keep them out of the mud. At a later stage we will also be looking at smaller pallets for under the tables.

Pallets are placed there to keep kit bags out of the dirt, not to be walked on to keep your boots out of the dirt

Make space for your fellow ‘softers, share the room, share tables and make new friends The safezone isnt what site’s are about…..they are just a place to store kit so be nice to others and make room for them.

Until we can purchase new tables this is what we have to work with.

Climbing Trees, walls and structures

Don’t do it…….warnings will be issued for people caught doing this as it is violating H&S rules…..and whatever your climbing on will most likely fall down!

The Finmere Ethos...The Finmere Way

At Finmere we dont care who you are, what experiences you have had at other sites or what team you represent.
As you stand at the heart of the site you become part of one big team, you are friends playing together and you are only seperated by a coloured piece of material on your arm.
At Finmere you haven’t got an enemy to beat; you have friends to play against.

Play fair, relax and treat everyone at the site, whether its the site owner, the marshalls, someone on your team or the other team with the same respect and courtesy that you yourself want to be shown.

This is the Finmere way.

Physical Contact

Airsoft is a game of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and friendliness. Finmere has a well deserved reputation in all these areas.

Physical contact between players is not allowed and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Players found in breach of this rule will be banned from the site without warning and, if necessary, the incident will be reported to the Police for their consideration.
Threats of physical contact will also not be tolerated and could attract the same penalties as above. A warning may be issued prior to an individual being banned from the site. However, if the incident is considered serious enough, an immediate ban may be imposed without warning.

The Site Organisers decision will be final.

Knife Policy

No blades, Real or Replica, will be allowed onto the skirmish field. Pen knives including Multitools are to be left in the safe zone as this is where all maintenace and repairs should be carried out.

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